31 October, 2010

Trollblood Units....

This are the units I currently own for the Trollblood Hordes force, and how I feel they can be used with the casters I have available.

Stonebearer and Scribes or better known as KSB

These will probably be a staple addition to all my forces and will have another 2 scribes and the Elder added to make a full unit. This should also add to the effective range from the stone buffs.

Long Riders (Full Unit)

These bad boys are to be painted and completed, hopefully next time you see them, they may have some more paint on them.

The way I see myself using these is with Grissel especially in Scenario play. First turn with Hoof it from her fell call they can move 21" making them a very good denial unit. Also they are Multiwound and hard hitting. Add Hrothol in and they become even more so with Bull Rush and follow up.


These go without saying, Multi-wound medium based, 2 attacks and weaponmaster to top it off. These are also a staple inclusion into most of my forces.

Grissel - Hoff it and War cry give these the extra mobility and an extra attack from weaponmaster.
the other casters still to figure these out.

Pygmie Burrowers

I have got these to go with EMadrak for the single wound unit. Whelps will also be used in this role.

I have got these as an Infantry clearance unit with the POW14 3" AOE's.

Put in mind I am new to Hordes and Trolls. And don't you hate it when the spray can runs out as you can see from the champs. I had planned on spraying the other 3 units as well.

Hopefully this Tuesday I will see the first outing for EMadrak at 35points.

Maybe have a BatRep with some pics by then....

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