17 October, 2010

Hordes Trollblood emerge.....

Well to start things off I got fed up of Cygnar and sold all the Models via Ebay. With the proceeds from the sale of the Cygnarian figures comes the emergence of the Trollbloods.

My initial 35points consists along the lines of these models.

Grissel Bloodsong

Earthborn Dire Troll
to be purchased

Kriel Sronebearer and Scribes with UA

Scribes and elder still to be painted. You can just see the scribes to the left of the pictures.
Long Riders (unit of 5)
Champions (unit of 5)
These are built but still to be put onto the painting table.
Fellcaller hero.
Still to arrive from Maelstrom Games.
More updates as the painting is completed and games begin.

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