25 October, 2010

Casters and Beasts to the fore....

So I have indulged in a few more purchases and my repertoire of casters has increased to Grim Angus, EMadrak and not forgetting Grissel.
This gives me more options with how to use the Trolls. I have only used Grissel thus far and she enables the Trolls to be very mobile. She needs to be used from the back of the Low Def/High Arm Trolls to benefit them as she is most definately a support caster.
Grim and EMadrak are still to be used.

The beasts I have to use are the
Earthborn Dire Troll
Mauler Dire Troll
Mulg the Ancient (still to be assembled)
The idea of the Bouncer is to pair him with either Grissel to give her some extra protection or with Mulg or Earthborn to offer anti charge protection from his animus.
Impaler for some ranged Threat and Crit KD??? think that is right.

Units to come over the next week or so......

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