30 October, 2009


Tournament Play.
Having played several games of WM at the RGMB club i decided to jump in at the deep end and enter myself into the WPS Warmachine tournament. This also happened to be my first taste of Competition gaming and an eye opener it was.
The list i took with me and consistantly played was the following:-
Major Victoria Haley (oh why did i use the epic variant)
Black 13thStone
Gun Mage Unit with UA
Aiyana and Holt
Hunters X 2
Precursor Knights with UA
Well the first game saw me facing off against a player from Portsmouth using menoth and he was using the Caster which makes your battlegroup fall over in his control area. Game Over first Loss.
Second game was against Trolls, damn i hate these buggers with the stonebearer, champions and tough rolls. ARRRRRGGGGG the dice also happened to be against me whatever i needed this game.
Third Game was against a Dicenot player from Altrincham and faced off against the menoth again. can anything kill these buggers - Not a hope in hell - another Loss.
fourth Game - Against Ritchie Padgett(who was extremely hungover) using Legion - One of the nicest blokes to play against and was yet again an almost game (damn those dice) and was much closer than the outcome would suggest.
game 5 against Circle and at last a Draw. This game basically ran out of time and was grinding to a war of attrition where Victory conditions were on equal parts.

My Second taste of competition play was in altrincham at the Gamers Crypt being the sole representive of RGMB and coming a respectable 12th.(if it was on VP's only i would have ended the day in 3rd place)
This was a one day event with 3 X 750 point games.
The first game was Mosh Pit and i faced off against a Cryx force.
My opponent from memory was using the following list:
Witches Coven
Bone jack x 3 (arc nodes)
Death Jack(i thnk thats right)
Pistol Wraiths
Black banes raiders
Bile Thralls.
I used
Capt Victoria Haley
Iron Clad
Hunter x 2
Black 13th
Sword Knights
Aiyana & Holt
Gun Mage Unit with UA

I lost Haley early on Turn 3 but i already had control of the Mosh Pit by this Point, All of his ARC nodes were out of commision by Turn 2 and then the Black 13th hammered the Witches Coven in Turn 4 - game over and a win. Max VP's achieved.

Game 2 was v's Khador Epic Irusk List with an Infantry Spam list.
Bloody hell this was a hard battle mainly due to the fact he had so much on the table and it was a control scenario, I was overwhelmed with infantry and lost on the control sections in turn 5 due to the fact i could not get into the section due to the weight of Infantry but still a loss is a loss.

Game 3 - V's a circle list with Baldur, constructs and some unknown infantry units.
I managed an Early caster kill and went for the all out max on VP's forgetting that the game was objective based. the game ended with 19VP's - 5 VP's but still managed to lose this game. bloody blinkered gaming.

Overall was an enjoyable day and at least the Dice Gods did not abandon me (especially after buying pink dice to counter the curse of the previous tournament)

Now onto the next Competition I can attend whenever that maybe.....

Upcoming clear out of old Miniatures.

On return from the North Sea I shall be having a clear out of no longer used/needed Miniatures. These will probably end up on eBay and will consist of the following armies/games:-

Necromunda: Van Sarr Gang
Warhammer: Ogre Kingdoms Army sold off in Unit sizes totalling approx 4000points.
Eldar: Selected Units that I will never use. Probably totaling about 1-1500 points worth.

Flames Of War

At the present time this is probably one of my favoured playing systems, i do not know why as i have failed to win a single battle to date with my British Commando Force with RAF and Royal Artillery Support in a typical 1500 point game.
I have suffered 2 complete wipe outs, where i could not decide on tactics and obviously ended up chosing wrongly.
The 3 other games of FOW have been much closer and Tactical mistakes through choosing the wrong targets towards the end of the game had been made.
Of course using a small but very effective force made up of British Commandos is good once into assault range. It is getting into the habit of using cover to get them into position to use this excellent ability, this is where I appear to be falling down. in future games i need to be more aware of cover available and use it accordingly.

More to follow....

Warhammer Historical: ECW

Along with a few other members of RGMB, historical wargaming is coming to the fore. The next Installment is an English Civil War Army where I have chosen Scottish Covenanters. The Army is complete and awaits the painint table where the Infantry Units of Pike and Shotte have been sprayed and base coated.
They now await my return to home to continue with the construction of what will be yet another Army.

For a report on the clubs first foray into the English Civil War era follow the Link.


Ah the love of Warmachine, I purchased the Cygnaran figures before i even looked at any rule books and then went along to the RGMB club after many a year absent from Tabletop wargaming.
My First foray into the IK kingdom of warmachine was V's a Menoth force and i was handed a quick beating. After a few weeks of persevering with the Cygnarian force i managed a couple of wins my Regular force for Mk1 Warmachine is well, pretty consistant, and threats of being jack-socked are often muttered.
The list often comprises the much hated:
Capt Victoria Haley
Black 13th
Aiyana and Holt
As to the force composition for Mk 2 i have not even bothered to look at, and time will see if I have to change my cygnarian composition and play style (not that i have one)

Above you can see my attempts at painting the Black 13th with a Defender (which often falls apart) whilst onboard a ship at Sea in India.