13 November, 2009

Evercy-Caen Road - Hill 112 Second Assault.

The British forces combined of the 7th Armoured Desert Rats and 1st Special Service Brigade had been charged by Monty to take Hill 112 at all costs.
The Advances of the British had previoulsy been stunted by the German SS Panzer Divisions.
The Germans Setup

The Hated 88's.

The Germans Artillery.

The equally hated Tiger 1E.

The British Set up
British Commanders overview of the pitiful Germans defending Hill 112.

Elements of the 7th Armoured Desert Rats, would they live up to the reputation?

X & Y troop of 41 RM commando readying the fairbank Sykes Knifes for the Assault.

Turn 1
British Advance towards the German Lines, the Naval Spotter pegged it backwards to get a better position for Naval Gun Support. The 25 pounders lay down smoke covering the right side of the British advance temporary reprieve of being targeted.
German reserves 1 unit turns up from the start a Tiger 1E platoon makes an Appearance.
German air support is called and is surprise surprise shot down by the British RAF (Hurrah the giant pot of Tea was still brewing). Some jostling for positioning for clear LOS for shots at the dreaded Sherman firefly and M10C 17 pounder Tank Hunters. No Casualties resulted from this initial encounter.
Turn 2
Further Advances made by the Armour and Infantry of the British, the commando units had managed to get to within range to shoot and assault on the next turn. The Fireflys and M10C's had no luck punching through the thick armour of the Tiger 1E's.
Artillery called in on the German 88's and BOOM went one to Joyous cries of the advancing armour.
German reserves failed to find the way to Hill 112 claiming that the bloody woman was doing the map reading. Panzer IV's appeared from Ambush taking on a much hated Firefly and Sherman Platoon causing 3 to bail out.
Tiger 1E's opened fire on the 7th Armoured inflicting a few casualties in the Armour. An Artillery barrage called down on the M10 Tank hunters causing 1 Casualty.
Turn 3
The British further advanced within striking range of taking one heavily defended objective.
NGFS Observer for the Naval Guns had found an advantageous position and called down fire onto a Tiger with the Germans suffering their second Loss of the Formidable Tiger 1E.
The cromwell platoon of the 7th Armoured advanced onto the german Artillery causing mayhem and panic by destroying 3 of the heavy guns. Artillery and Mortar strikes called down on the remaining 88 and went BOOM with the remaining spotter and command doing a runner. The Infantry at last saw some action firing and assaulting the Pioneers clearing the trenches and taking the prepared positions.
Germans rolled for reserves and the remaining tiger units entered play.
Stuka support called and duely intercepted by the RAF (clearly they were on orders from on up high) The panzer IV and Tigers on the right decided to attempt to make the Sherman Platoon on the german left pay and duely destroyed 2 tanks and bailed one(but not the much loathed Firefly) Wittman decided to spring his Ambush on the Marauding Cromwells and blew them to Timbuktoo. The remaining M10C was targeted by another platoon of Tigers and sent to the graveyard. Several 7th Armoured platoons took casualties but morale held out and stayed the course so far. Tiger 1E fell victim to sa counter charge from the X troop of 41 Commandos.
Turn 4
RAF called for and turned up with 2 planes to target some Tigers. Instead they decided to go sight seeing over Calais. Armour and infantry moved into assaulting positions in several places in an attempt to overwhelm the german defenses on the Objective. The SS divisions managed to fend of the attack sending the 7th Armoured packing withdrawing from the field after losing its Commander and Platoon. It was left to the Infantry to try and Arty to try and salvage the Mission.
German reserves turned up in full. Stuka support called and duely shot down.
the reamining Artillery battery took some pot shots at the Infantry massing in the middle of the board causing several casualties. Some more jostling for position on the table by the Panzers and Tigers was carrried out.
Turn 5
IT ALL WENT SO WRONG FOR THE BRITISH. The commandos assaulted the Tigers with 2 the remains of 2 platoons being wiped out by defensive machine gun fire. The Naval guns bailed one Tiger just before the assualt.
END game for the British as they had nothing left to take out the remaining tigers and both Objectives were well covered.
British Losses - Lost Count
German Losses -
88 Battery
3 Arty Heavy guns
4 Tiger 1E's (out of 10)
1 Panzer IV
German Stunning Victory
British VP's 4
German VP's 10
Monty has ordered the 7th Armoured to grow some backbone and are to circumnavigate Hill 112 surrounding the stronghold and cutting off the German forces.

11 November, 2009

Late war Evercy-Caen Road Hill 112.

The D-Day landing went well, now the 4th Special Service Brigade and XXX Armoured Corp are under orders from Monty to take out Hill 112 which is still hampering the reinforcement landings on the Beachhead.
41, and 43 RM commando led by Lord Lovat himself formed the Infantry Spearhead, with support from RM Armoured Division in the form of 2 platoons of Sherman III's and Firefly's and Royal Artillery Support from the RHA. Almost forgetting the Were too busy drinking Tea RAF Support.
Accompanied by a Division of Armour from the Infamous 7th Armoured Desert Rats.

Standing in the way of the British drive for Hill 112 was rumoured to be Tiger Ace Wittmann with 102nd SS Panzer Division fielding 8 Tiger 1E and a Platoon of Panzer IV's supported by a Division of Panzergranadiers there own supporting act of 2 Tiger 1E, Stugs and 8.8 AA Batteries.

Mission Was No retreat.

Germans Defending. 5000 points

British Attacking. 5000 points

Turn 1 saw the British Infantry Advance through the Cornfields. Calling in the RAF to bomb the 88 AA Battery. This turn they decided to turn up but the barn Door target was not big enough for them to hit.

Sherman Firefly scored some hits on the most forward Tiger 1E causing the German cowards to Bail out.

The Desert Rats Recce Platoon decided to try an outflanking manouveur causing a little concern on the German Left.

No reserves arrived.
The German Crew decided to return to the behemoth Tiger 1E and returned fire on the Sherman Platoons causing Zero casualties, the Panzer IV's moved up to offer some support to the 2 Lone Tigers sitting on the German Right.

The German Artillery Spotter decided to drop a barrage on the most Forward Sherman Platoon, causing the first Casualty in the form of the 2i/c for the canadian supporting Infantry.

Turn 2.

Saw the British Commandos Dig in on the Left to give LOS for the Sherman Firefly's. The most advanced Sherman Platoons moved forward with the 2 Fireflys on the edges of the Cornfields, yet again taking more pot shots at the Tiger 1E's in the Font Line yet again scoring a couple of hits but no damage done.

7h Armoured Desert rats decided to open up with their Fireflys on the Tigers on teh German right scoring a hit on both causing both tanks to Bail.

RAF failed to show the Tea was still brewing.
Royal Artillery decided to target the centre of the road ranging in on the Dug in Infantry which they somehow managed to survive.

No reserves arrived.
German crew got back into the Tigers and took revenge on the narest Sherman Platoon suffering 2 casualties. One Tiger 1E platoon revealed itself from Ambush taking on the Honey Stuart Recce platoon casuing a measly one casualty on a light tank from an 88 barrel !!!!

Turn 3
RAF Strike call arrived with a full flight targeting the 8.8 AA Guns. Amazingly they managed to destroy one after dodging the AA fire.

All British Armour advanced, British Infantry advanced. The Sherman platoon passed morale checks and took revenge on the Panzer IV's taking out the whole platoon in one fell swoop.

Motorised Infantry on the British right advanced and unloaded its troops ready for an assault.
Canadian Infantry assaulted the Panzer grenadiers dug into the trenches causing them to flee.

German reserves showed up in the form of 2 more Tiger 1E platoons.
Honey Stuart recce platoon was no more thanks to some Tiger 1E precision firing.
The remaining Tiger 1E took revenge on the Sherman firefly.

STUKA Strike called on the 25pounder battery, the RAF failed to Intercept and all AA guns failed to hit the STUKA, one transport tractor destroyed.

The reserves advanced up the centre of the board to offer fire support to the threatened objective.
Artillery called down on a Firefly causing 2 Cromwells either side to go BOOM but the remaining firefly remained unscathed with its crew cowering under the hull for cover.

Turn 4
British forces raced up the road to try and force the German occupying force from the Objective.
A panzer Grenadier platoon was wiped out during this assault from a combination of Recce carrier fire and assault from the Motorised Infantry. On teh Right the canadians attempted to assault the Panzergrenadiers but ended up pinned from defensive fire.

A double template of Artillery was brought down on the Massed Tiger 1E's on the Road causing 4 to Bail. RAF flight was intercepted and shot down by the STUKA!!!!

Tiger crew remounted and plastered the cromwells milling on the road.

Time had run out and a draw was called.

German Losses
2 Platoons
British Losses
3 Platoon

The scenario ended in a draw.
Britsh VP's - 3
German VP's - 4

01 November, 2009

Flames Of War Late War Camapign Setting....

Starting on the 10th November a Late War Campaign will begin for the battle of a strategic point of the Normandy Invasion........

The plan is to recreate the actions seen at Hill 112 along the Everecy-Caen Road where a high vantage point was held by the Germans for Artillery support.

The first weeks mission will be No Retreat.

Defending - Axis
Attacking - Allies

Battle report with pictures to Follow.